Four New Banners for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’: Wildcards

Concept: Wildcards

Here, Selina Kyle, AKA Catwoman, rides the motorcycle from The Dark Knight called the Batpod.  There are  two wildcards in this banner.

(1) Catwoman.  She is an unknown in Nolan’s film universe.  In the stories that I have seen and read, she is usually morally ambiguous and therefore indeed somewhat like a cat.  A cat, which, as we know, acts for its own pleasure, now friendly to a human, now apathetic, and to prey, now ferocious, now playful.  It is sometimes said that cats are able to travel between worlds and are therefore common to practices of sorcery.  A cat’s ability to travel between worlds is seen in a delightful way in the stop-motion adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, and it is seen in a more homely fashion when a cat refuses to enter or leave a doorway but stands poised on the threshold.

Selina Kyle’s words in the first and second theatrical trailers exhibit the same ambiguity.  They make the name “Catwoman” suitable to her, whether or not she receives the name in the film, as some have worried, and whether or not her costume has “ears.”  In the first trailer, she dances with Bruce Wayne with high society but accuses him of leaving “so little for the rest of us”—the two worlds of high society and something else.  Moreover, by saying this, she seems to be an enemy to Bruce Wayne, but in the second trailer, she is seen climbing into a vehicle with Batman as his ally—friend at one moment and foe at another, although she might not know that Bruce is Batman.

(2) the Batpod.  The image of her riding it, taken by itself apart from the trailers, adds another element of unpredictability.  For example, has she stolen the Batpod, or did Batman hand it over to her?  Again, is she aiding Batman, or is she working against him?

Retrospective: The Four Banners and a Previous Poster

All told, these four banners, and the promotional art for the film across the board, has done an exemplary job in building anticipation.  I say that at least for myself, although I would wager that graphic designers and audiences around the world would agree with my assessment.  Hopefully, they can appease Andy Khouri, associate editor for ComicsAlliance, who voiced a little disappointment with a poster released shortly before the banners.

I was initially taken aback by his disappointment.  The poster looked entirely impressive to me!  But then he pointed out, as some other have, that the poster is a Photoshop of an early poster for this film and a poster from the previous installment.  A sort of sheepish feeling had to replace my growing ire.  Khouri more than made up for the two feelings, though, with a certain, gloriously written concession:

The poster maintains the series’ tradition of displaying the Batman symbol in violently whimsical ways.

“Violently whimsical.”  Well done, Mr. Khouri.  We have not always seen eye to eye, but that, Mr. Khouri, was glorious.  Well done.

Images: /Film and ComicsAlliance


2 thoughts on “Four New Banners for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’: Wildcards

  1. Melpomene says:

    I have not been following this production, but I will admit it is the one movie I am planing to see in theaters this summer.

    • Edward says:

      Thank you for leaving a comment! Yes, I am waiting with high anticipation, too. I might see a few others this summer, but I will not be making an effort to see them at the opening midnight show.

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