The Rolling Helps: Marvel Studios Barrels Forward

Marvel Studios is barreling forward with its film and television projects.  Upcoming films are Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter SoldierGuardians of the GalaxyAvengers: Age of Ultron, Ant Man, and further unnamed films.  On the television side, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has already premiered on ABC, and with high ratings, and the tapering of those ratings is no source of angst, since the network has purchased a full season.

Still more interesting is the “sixty episode package” that Marvel is rumored to be shopping around at various outlets, including Netflix and Amazon.  Reportedly, the sixty episodes may comprise four series and one miniseries.  My wager for the four series would be on Daredevil, Punisher, Runaways, and Captain Marvel.


Captains Marvel and America in action against Absorbing Man

Other likely projects to my mind are Doctor Strange, Avengers Academy, Hulk, Alias (Jessica Jones), and Heroes for Hire.  I feel that I am missing something that would rank with Iron Man in the pitch from magic to technology, but I cannot think of a character that recommends himself or herself.

This supervillain heist plot may lack a crack team of thieves.

This supervillain heist plot may lack a crack team of thieves.

For the miniseries, I hardly have an opinion, but the gentlemen of Modern Myth Media tender the enticing idea that the miniseries, being shorter, could budget more money per episode in a plot that would cross over the four series and angle them toward a feature film.  They cite various comments in support of the idea also that some of these episodes will supply series about the Inhumans or Agent Peggy Hill, but I would be much surprised by either and even more surprised if both.

They said that car chases couldn't be done in sequential art.

They said that car chases couldn’t be done in sequential art.

Spider-Woman, She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Cloak and Dagger are probably not soon to headline their own television series, and the film rights to Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and X-Men are still held by other studios.  I believe that that keeps Venom well out of the realm of possibility, although a compelling story could be based on the recent run first by Rick Remender and Tony Moore and then by Cullen Bunn and Declan Shalvey: Flash Thompson, the bullying classmate of Peter Parker turned emulator of Spider-Man come legless war hero, melds with the symbiote for short-term military missions.

Shalvey uses expressionism to depict the military-sanctioned Venom (Flash Thompson) face off against the villain who originally held the name (Eddie Brock).

Shalvey uses expressionism to depict the current Venom (Flash Thompson) face off against the original villain (Eddie Brock).

Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber’s bumbling-villains-ensemble Superior Foes of Spider-Man or Matt Fraction and David Aja’s “on that Avenger guy’s days off” Hawkeye would thrill me, but so much of the success of these titles comes from the narrative style of these writer-artist teams that the greatest difference could be made by the talent chosen to derive television from them.


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